PATRIZIA sets up shop in MENA

The global real estate investment manager has hired JC Klein to launch a regional office, with a view to taking advantage of a new wave of opportunities in the GCC. 

Keeping global trade moving has never been tougher

Supply chains have come under unprecedented pressure in the last two years, with the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine leading to a worldwide shortage of everything from microchips to wheat. Logistics companies are at the forefront of getting supply chains working again, and for many, the collapse of reliable supply routes has led to both opportunities and challenges.

A biotech breakout for the UK

The past several years have been record-breaking ones UK biotech investment – but the UK needs to use its full financial firepower if it is to become a global leader.

Mega-issuer EU unifies bond market approach

The European Union raised €5bn by tapping existing bonds in its first syndication of 2023, with a blowout deal using the borrower’s new approach to bond sales that consolidates all its programmes into one monolithic issuing entity.