Fintech news

Banks are used to cutthroat competition, but now some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands are looking to stake their claim on ground long held by traditional lenders. EMEA Finance spoke with Mike Cook, senior manager at US information technology services company Cognizant, about rising competition between banks and fintech.

Islamic Finance news

Finally, something that everyone in London seems to agree on. The UK financial community and the treasury voice their commitment to push Islamic finance forward whatever the outcome of Brexit.

Africa news

The world’s fastest growing economy is benefiting from increased oil production and comprehensive banking reforms. However, public debt levels remain a key concern particularly with an election approaching. 

Africa news

Legae Peresec, the newly formed securities trading business, is poised to shake up the South African securities marketplace, following a landmark black economic empowerment deal. 

Europe news

What does the UK owe the EU in a no-deal Brexit? On 4 September, the House of Lords’ EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee met to discuss this question, with very little clarity as to the answer.

Sustainable Finance news

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development pushed the popular socially responsible investing movement in a new direction in September, with the supranational printing a climate resilience bond that focuses on accepting and adapting to climate change.

Capital Markets news

The African Development Bank printed a US$2bn bond at the tightest spread to US Treasuries in the issuer’s history in September. The bond was among a flurry of financings for the continent’s issuers with money coming in from fresh sources. 

Islamic Finance news

While the Sukuk market has grown this year compared to last year, there are still a number of obstacles keeping growth in check.