Treasury Services Awards 2021

Published: September 27, 2021

Navigating the future

Who can say what’s around the corner? We all are being pushed to new limits by the uncertainty and chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic. What is clear is that the control panel has changed, the dials have been moved around and the instruction book has been rewritten. This disorientation can feel troubling, and it is a basic human instinct to seek comfort and safety.

This year’s Treasury Services Awards winners have demonstrated a resilience and capacity to exceed their customer’s needs that provides an important reassurance that those who are committed can make things better. This is important, particularly as the topic of the world’s most pressing crisis looks set to shift from health to climate matters. In fact, a number of our winners are already integrating ESG and climate related provisions into their financial products and services. This is a healthy trend, and one that needs more push from the industry and pull from regulators.

Much of what we said last year remains true for 2021. The pandemic continues to test the stability and security of bank’s digital offerings, our winners are benefiting as ‘first movers’ and are pushing innovation, partnerships between tech firms, fintechs and financial institutions are increasing, and the real time demands of transactional banking are being amplified by retail and wholesale customers alike.

There is a human touch in this area of banking that should not be underestimated. It is not only the education and training of bankers and all the support staff that needs to be considered, but also an appreciation of the circumstances and challenges facing clients that is also extremely important in these times. Here our winners distinguish themselves by having strong local presences and competence, by working in non-competitive ways with partner institutions, and by developing solutions to unique demands and requests of customer, just to name a few.

Congratulations to the Treasury Services Awards 2021 winners. We are delighted to recognize the important work and commitment that you have shown to your clients over the past twelve months, and your capability to deal with and work through adversity.

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