Treasury Services Awards 2019

Published: September 20, 2019

Coverage of this year's winners and interviews with the teams.

Recently, EMEA Finance went hunting for new electronics, including a more sophisticated digital camera. What was most striking about the technological leaps taking place was not the amazing digital cameras now on the market, but the huge amounts of memory available on microSDXC cards and at pretty reasonable prices. In less than 20 years the commercially available microSD has gone from 64MB to 1 Terabyte. Now that is progress.

It makes us wonder if the digital revolution in banking is moving at the same lightning speed? It feels like so much is happening that it is hard to keep pace with all the change, and at the same time it feels like we have only just started our free style, no ropes climb up El Capitan.

Wherever you are personally in this digital transformation, you probably are feeling a little like we are, amazed, engaged, perplexed and at times wobbly. The banking sector has the dubious benefit of regulators, fintechs, tech giants, to manage and to work with or against depending upon where you stand. 

Of course, customers, corporate and retail alike, need to be pleased.

These awards are celebrating their 10th anniversary! 

We are honoured to have been recognizing the many achievements and outstanding products and services provided by the leading banks in the EMEA region. We appreciate the time, insights and prognostications provided by the professionals driving transactional banking forward. We will continue on with our vision to deliver insightful, timely coverage about the rapid developments shaping what we consider to be the ‘essence’ of finance.

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