April-May 2020

Middle East news

Bahrain looks set to benefit from its prompt reaction to the coronavirus pandemic and from its investment in economic activity that has become more essential during the global lockdown.

Africa news

Mass adoption of 5G in Africa is still a few years away, with very limited commercial deployment to date. Stakeholders are, however, already starting to think about how it might be rolled out, and how they might finance the infrastructure.

Banking tech news

Global consulting firm Accenture is pursuing an ambitious expansion strategy within critical growth areas. Mudano, a data consultancy supporting UK financial services firms, will boost its offering in analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Banking tech news

Many banks are investing heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, with a view to protecting their systems against criminal activity.

Global Trade news

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has said trade will drop up to 32% this year as the pandemic wreaks economic and social disruption. However, international co-operation could be the key to avoiding a worst-case scenario.