About EMEA Finance

EMEA Finance magazine has as its editorial vision to be ‘the independent voice’ – one that speaks at the highest level of integrity and journalistic ethics – for the financial community, its customers, and suppliers across the EMEA region.

By aspiring to deliver compelling, relevant and thoughtful reporting about the activities, challenges and opportunities that exist in one of the world’s most dynamic and emerging regions – the combined emerging Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) – we facilitate, motivate and stimulate the dialogue among and between our audience.

EMEA Finance, the complete information source for the finance industry in the EMEA region, is the only periodical dedicated exclusively to report financial events, happenings and triumphs initiated and influenced by the international financial industry. The key financial personalities who make things happen are regularly profiled, creating a platform for our audience to gain a more complete and thorough understanding of their peers and industry news.

Our mission is to become the integrated publisher of choice for financial and business professionals active in the EMEA region and read by a broad and relevant executive and senior level audience consisting of leading public and private decision makers.
EMEA Finance magazine is directed to an executive level audience  that includes Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Investment Officers. Financial and business professionals actively providing and consuming a wide range of banking services including: equity capital markets, debt capital markets, corporate and investment, retail, and transactional (cash management, foreign exchange, and trade services) banking, profit not only from the magazine’s regular features but also from our in-depth and insightful cover and feature stories.

Leading companies accessing capital and financial market services benefit from the publication’s regular review of products and services. Institutional investors, fund managers, private equity professionals, and business people working across the EMEA region derive value by participating in the dialogue stimulated by our unique pan-EMEA coverage.

EMEA Finance magazine is published six times a year. Relevant and informative supplements that provide analysis and investigation of special topics are frequently included with the magazine.

EMEA Finance produces a premier magazine, related conferences, and a website. These comprehensive information services are complemented by our regular news e-mail service, emeafinance eNews, and from conferences across the EMEA region.