December-January 2018

Cover story: Heading back to (un)welcome normality

Multilateral and development banks have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of historically loose monetary policies around the world, but there is now a sharp divergence in what lies ahead for their funding officials as quantitative easing programmes draw to a close.

Regtech: The rise of the machine

With regulators worldwide placing more complex requirements on the financial services industry, the existing systems and processes used for compliance  and reporting are coming under scrutiny. Regtech companies are leveraging technologies that are helping to address this tricky landscape.

Bahrain shows that small is beautiful

Given its size as the smallest economy in the GCC, it should be no surprise that Bahrain is focusing on financial reforms that will attract start-ups to strengthen its engine of growth and help diversify away from the oil and gas sector.

Africa news

East African renewable energy provider M-Kopa Solar has raised US$80mn in commercial debt funding, and the company’s chief executive tells EMEA Finance that more loans are likely at the parent company level.

Regtech news

As KYC requirements become more complex, many financial institutions are calling for specialist third parties to save the day.