April-May 2021

Cover Story: Social Bonds

The European Union made an unmissable statement in the bond market in October when it printed a €17bn debut social bond, and market experts think that the often, overlooked social part of environmental, social and governance investing is only going to become more important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Libor’s end of the line

The UK financial regulator in March confirmed that most Libor benchmarks will cease to be used from December 31, 2021, focusing the financial markets’ increasingly frantic efforts to transition from the world’s most widely used pricing benchmark.

Brexit and the City

The Brexit deal has posed challenges for London-based financial services firms, which look set to lose some of their EU business as a result. 

Battered air sector seeks safe landing

The aerospace industry was one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic with the entire business model becoming near unviable in a matter of days. Almost a year later and there still seems to be no clear route out for the industry.