August-September 2017

Cover story: Changing face of payments

Although corporate payments is a core business for banks providing transactional services, many of them are facing more competition from alternative providers when it comes to offering innovative and faster services. 

Paving the way for blockchain

The building out of Blockchain is reaching completion, giving rise to expectations that it will be in full use for real-life trade finance and payments transactions later this year.

It's a small world after all

As global banks de-risk from many emerging market banks, and reduce the scale of their correspondent banking networks, local and regional banks are coming under pressure to ensure they meet global standards and operate using best practices to keep these relationships relevant.

Getting back into shape

Egypt was a crucible of the Arab Spring and is only just now beginning to re-discover its economic feet, with international investors once again interested in the country after a series of severe reforms that have sent inflation soaring to eye-watering levels

Europe News

UniCredit has sold €17.7bn of bad loans to US investment funds Fortress and Pimco, as Italian banks continue their balance sheet clean-up efforts following the country’s profound recession.

CEE & CIS news

IBA has finally received investor approval to restructure US$3.3bn of debt after months of wrangling.

CEE & CIS news

Russia’s PIK Group has plans to ramp up capital markets activity in the coming years, as the firm announces a consolidation of its shareholder structure with company president Sergei Gordeev buying out two minority holders.

Africa news

African sovereign issuance is way down from its peak, but recent eurobonds have been oversubscribed as investors search for yield.