Are sovereign wealth funds becoming more sustainable?

With US$10 trillion in combined assets – many of which are highly polluting – the world’s sovereign wealth funds have been accused of lagging behind the rest of their financial sector in terms of their climate change commitments. What can be done to change the status quo?

The man moving Africa’s money

Obi Emetarom is an ambitious man. He wants his fintech company Appzone to be at the heart of African banking and payments with its proprietary cloud and blockchain based technology, and, after raising US$10mn in series A funding earlier this year, he is building the team to do it.

Brexit and the City

The Brexit deal has posed challenges for London-based financial services firms, which look set to lose some of their EU business as a result. 

Keeping global trade moving has never been tougher

Supply chains have come under unprecedented pressure in the last two years, with the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine leading to a worldwide shortage of everything from microchips to wheat. Logistics companies are at the forefront of getting supply chains working again, and for many, the collapse of reliable supply routes has led to both opportunities and challenges.

A biotech breakout for the UK

The past several years have been record-breaking ones UK biotech investment – but the UK needs to use its full financial firepower if it is to become a global leader.