October-November 2019

Cover story: Blended Finance

International financial institutions such as the World Bank have long talked of turning billions of dollars of official aid into trillions by blending it with private finance. However, the latest figures show that progress is still slow especially in the fight against climate change.

In profile: American economist, Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz’s new book People, Power and Profits lambasts the current state of economic policy under President Donald Trump, and sets out a roadmap for taming the excesses of markets and advocating that markets work for people and not the other way around. 

Covered in green

The blossoming green finance market is only just taking root in the covered bond markets, but more banks are grasping the chance to follow the lead of their clients and refinance a bigger portion of their debt in ethical ways.

Infrastructure finance begs for bolt of energy

Project finance in Lebanon is a tough prospect, prohibitive costs mean local banks are dissuaded from taking part and the long running political problems in the country have long curtailed top-level ambition for infrastructure spending. But this looks like it could be changing.

Deeply negative rates shake up bond markets

Eurozone sovereign yields have hit new lows in recent months as the European Central Bank prepares for another wave of monetary easing, forcing some bond market users to be nimble in their approach to raising debt.

Central & Eastern Europe news

Looking to generate more liquidity, the stock exchanges of seven Central and Eastern European countries have agreed to launch a joint index for their largest and most liquid stocks.

Middle East news

The rating agency has set Jordan’s rating at BB- with stable outlook, reflecting a strong reform agenda offset by high levels of public debt. 

Middle East news

Saudi Arabia has huge infrastructure plans over the next decade as the sovereign looks to shift its focus away from oil, but convincing international lenders to finance the projects is integral to the country’s ambitions.