Sustainability news

Published: November 12, 2018

Rabobank expects

With a whole identity built around CSR and development finance, Rabobank not only demands that its clients pursue sustainable business models, but also grades them. 

Rabobank, the Dutch multinational banking company, has long been known for its focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Starting life 120 years ago as a farmers’ bank, it has built on its agricultural roots and today is a global leader in agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking. 

Last October, the bank made headlines with the launch of its three-year Kickstart Food programme, a US$1bn initiative in partnership with the United Nations. This programme aims to help farmers transition to more sustainable practices. It provides grants, de-risking instruments and loans to agricultural clients, helping them start land restoration projects.

The bank also has a social fund, the Rabobank Foundation, an autonomous operation that aids projects in developing countries. Supporting around 200 projects annually across 25 countries, the organisation works to develop small cooperatives in rural regions. This runs alongside the Rabobank International Advisory Service (RIAS), which advises clients on how to set up these cooperatives. 

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