Arteria AI expands its EMEA presence

Published: October 25, 2022

The contract lifecycle management company, which spun off from Deloitte in October 2020, has raised millions, attracted several of its clients as strategic investors, and has set its sights on rapid growth in the EMEA region. 

Arteria AI, a Toronto-based specialist in enterprise digital documentation, has been on a rapid growth trajectory in recent months. Spun out of Deloitte just two years ago, the company subsequently closed an $11mn Series A funding round five months later, expanded its presence in the EMEA region and acquired H4’s financial services business assets. 

In June, the firm attracted the investing interest of several of its financial institutions clients with Citi SPRINT, the strategic investing arm of the universal bank’s industry-leading global spread products division, and BDC Capital, the investment arm of Canadian BDC Bank, making an undisclosed strategic investment in Arteria AI.

“This investment is a strong signal that Arteria uniquely addresses the documentation challenges faced within institutional finance. We are so pleased that Citi and BDC Capital recognize that our technology, and the specialized nature of our multidisciplinary team, are highly differentiated,” commented Shelby Austin, CEO at Arteria AI, in June about the strategic investment made by the banks.

As Mark Bennewith, Arteria AI’s regional vice president for EMEA financial services explains it, documentation processes is a fast-evolving area with plenty of scope for greater efficiency and real time and monetary savings available. 

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