Middle East Banking Awards 2014

Middle East Banking Awards 2014

Published: January 9, 2015

Our winners from across the region.

Our Middle East Banking Awards are now in their seventh year. Here, once again, we look at the performances of regional economies and banking systems, analyse the landmark capital-markets deals from sovereigns and companies, and bring you our choices for the best-performing financial-services players.

Some of these markets look very different today compared to when we announced our 2013 awards. The rise of Islamic State threatens not only the economy of Iraq but security elsewhere in the region. Hopes for a new era in Yemen, which we cover for the first time this year, could yet prove misguided. Nonetheless, this remains an awards package, and so the emphasis is on celebrating accomplishments even while keeping a sober eye on the many problems apparent.

As usual, our awards cover retail banks, investment banks, asset managers and brokerage houses. We also have separate categories for Islamic banks as the shariah-compliant finance markets continue to grow. We award locally owned banks as well as local divisions of global firms.

Over the following pages we profile this year’s winners and offer insights into the markets in which these firms have made their achievements. The coverage begins with our pan-Middle East section, including awards for our CEO of the year and our winning law firm, followed by the individual country awards. We congratulate our winners, and hope next year’s awards take place in an atmosphere of greater regional stability.

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