Middle East Banking Awards: Open for submissions

Published: October 1, 2014

EMEA Finance invites submissions for our Middle East Banking Awards 2014, which recognise the best commercial and investment banks as well as asset managers and brokers in countries across the region.

The awards are presented in seven categories:

• Best local bank
• Best foreign bank
• Best local investment bank
• Best foreign investment bank
• Best Islamic bank
• Best broker
• Best asset manager

And are awarded in each of the following countries:

• Bahrain
• Jordan
• Kuwait
• Lebanon
• Oman
• Palestine
• Qatar
• Saudi Arabia

We also invite submissions for the following pan-Middle East awards:

• Banking CEO of the year
• Best investment bank
• Best Islamic bank
• Best private bank
• Best law firm
• Best asset manager
• Most innovative bank
• Award for corporate social responsibility

How to submit

It is a straightforward and relatively quick process. Just send us an email outlining briefly why you believe that your bank deserves to be recognized and the specific awards that you wish to be considered for. Information supporting your nomination such as key deals, performance information and relevant financial figures and ratios is welcome. Please also send us your most recent annual and quarterly reports, ensuring that figures for the first half of 2014 are included.

Please send your nominations by email to Tim Burke, editor, at timburke@emeafinance.com and copy them to editorial@emeafinance.com

The deadline for submissions is October 29, 2014.


The awards consider various performance and structural factors, such as market share, growth in important product classes, profitability and corporate strategy. For the investment banking awards, for example, a winner in a particular country might be decided by its significant market share or as a result of the number, type or size of successful deals closed in the last 12 months.

The awards editorial feature and ceremony

Winners will be published in the December-January 2015 edition of EMEA Finance. The awards editorial feature will provide an overview and details about our winners' recent achievements and accomplishments. The awards will be presented at the Middle East Banking Awards Charity Dinner in Dubai in February 2015.