Treasury Services Awards 2020

Published: October 6, 2020

Coverage of this year's winners and interviews with the teams.

Last year the Treasury Services Awards package celebrated its tenth year, hence the headline of Happy Anniversary was employed. However, the previous four years highlighted prescient themes at the time for the transactional banking sector including: Instantaneous Everything, Walking in their Shoes, Digital Revolution, and To Protect and Serve.

This year these key themes of real-time, customer empathy, on-line lives and regulation, standards and security have quickly melded together in a new, awkward, challenging and complex home and work environment.

The Covid-19 pandemic is uniquely testing the stability and security of the digital investments that the banking sector has been ratcheting up for the past decade. To be sure, treasury services and core banking has always been an area of steady and increasing investment where banks have for decades invested billions of dollars each and every year. Now the value of these investments will be delivered. Many of this year’s winners are witnessing the benefit of being ‘first movers’ having set a digital course all those years ago.

Our winners continue to shape the digital landscape of banking both independently and more and more with peers and fintechs, which are being viewed less as disruptors and more as true partners whose flexibility, services and solutions bring valuable propositions to the table.

Financial institutions are playing a crucial and vital role as the global economy works its way towards either an end to or a meaningful way forward through the pandemic. We expect that our winners will not be satisfied to return to the old normal, but will find courage and capacity to reinvent and reengineer themselves and push the old structures so they deliver more and in an increasingly sustainable way to all stakeholders.

Congratulations to the Treasury Services Awards 2020 winners. It continues to be an honour and privilege to recognize your excellence in this essential area of finance. 

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