Treasury Services Awards 2017

Published: September 20, 2017

Coverage of this year's winners and interviews with the teams.

At the end of the day, we all want to feel needed and valued. 

One gets a sense that those people and organizations that are most successful are the ones that are empathetic towards others and their customers’ desires and expectations. In banking, where there is much hype about the shifting terrain and the evolving digital revolution, clients still have a desire to be heard and understood.

This year’s Treasury Services Awards winners demonstrate an exceptional capacity to deliver unique, local solutions at the highest levels. Solving problems means connecting and listening, so that appropriate, sensible and workable solutions can be found. This is neither easy, nor inexpensive. Many of our winners invest millions, and some of the larger, global bank winners are often spending billions to offer innovative, relevant and first-of-its-kind services.

We are excited to report that many winners are facilitating the success of a number of what were once local or regional companies on their way to becoming ‘EMEA-champions’. This will undoubtedly remain a significant trend for years to come. Furthermore, we envisage that many of this year’s winners will remain vigilant in the face of rapid change not only in the banking industry, but also in their clients’ businesses.

We congratulate our winners, and expect that you will find value in the insights that they have generously provided about their activities in this essential part of banking and finance.

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