African Banking Awards 2019

Published: October 15, 2019

Coverage of this year’s winners

Welcome to EMEA Finance’s twelfth African Banking Awards. Since launching these awards each set of awards has demonstrated more clearly than the last the exceptional opportunities open to financial firms in the dynamic and evolving economies across the continent.

Our coverage of the banking industry is increasingly focus on the digital wave sweeping over the entire global economy. Inevitably, our winners are deeply engaged in this digital transformation, and the banks that are embracing this change and adapting quickly are likely the ones who will continue to prosper. At the moment, the banking sector has the dubious benefit of regulators, fintechs, and tech giants, to manage and to work with or against depending upon where you stand. All the while customers, corporate and retail alike, need to be pleased. We hope that you will enjoy learning how this year’s winners are tackling these challenges and finding new and innovative ways to succeed.

The awards cover commercial and retail banks, investment banks, asset managers and brokerage houses. We highlight locally owned banks, international banks with local presences, and those assisting African companies and countries to access local and global capital markets.

We profile a number of this year’s winners, and hear directly from some of the banks’ leadership and key executives driving their results and achievements. The coverage begins with our pan-African section, which includes our best investment banks in Africa, CSR, financial inclusion, best product launch and most innovative bank awards, along with the sole legal award.

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