African Banking Awards 2020

Published: November 24, 2020

Coverage of this year’s winners

This year is like no other we’ve experienced, and let’s hope that things become easier in the years to follow. The African Banking Awards winners, in this the thirteenth edition of these awards, have demonstrated not only their resilience in their business operations, but also their deep commitment to the communities that they serve.

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing and shaping the way we humans do everything, even down to our most basic day-to-day interactions and how we access and employ technology. Our reporting has included regular coverage of the digital revolution that is taking place in the banking sector, commercial marketplace and in daily life. Many of our winners have been investing and transforming their businesses for many years to adapt to this surge in technology, which often propels them to become first movers. As a result, our winners were well positioned to manage many of the challenges that the pandemic presents.

The African Banking Awards 2020 editorial feature highlights the achievements, innovations and the assistance provided by our winners in a complex and challenging year in a select number of African countries. These reports explore the performances of the winners 

and in some cases provide context for the countries where they operate. We also include exclusive insights from our winning firms’ leaderships who outline their strategies and highlight their actions and visions for the year and going forward into 2021. 

We commend and laud our winners’ efforts across this exceptional year, and congratulate them on their ability to thrive in difficult times.

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