African Banking Awards 2018

Published: November 12, 2018

Eleven years and counting, coverage of this year’s winners

Welcome to EMEA Finance’s eleventh African Banking Awards. Since launching these awards in our first year in print, each set of awards has demonstrated more clearly than the last the exceptional opportunities open to financial firms in the dynamic and evolving economies across the continent.

Our winners continue to exemplify the sound management of the market’s best banks, executive teams that have balanced expansion and growth with an awareness of risks. And even though the general trade winds remain challenging, and external forces continue to play an outsized role on the short to medium term prospects for the sector, there is much to celebrate. Where there are challenges our winners have forged ahead, managing risk versus reward, developing new products and finding solutions for clients, and more and more giving back to the communities that they are part of – these and other accomplishments deserve recognition.

The awards cover commercial and retail banks, investment banks, asset managers and brokerage houses. We highlight locally owned banks,

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